Kalunga System – Verkron

6 Sep, 2019 - 12 Oct, 2019

From Tuesday to Saturday. 10 am to 7 pm

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The Verkron experience is an empowering experience one that is very intuitive. It is a movement of old souls who find themselves in modern day Luanda seeking for alternative ways of existing and formulating a new language to communicate ancient wisdom. In my eyes they represent a generation of contemporary artists who are engaging the art space in their own terms not conforming or seeking any approval.
I experienced a collective of artists in search for something beyond the tangible. In tune with their reality and other realms. A new generation of African artist who find themselves in a place where they have no choice but to interrogate what we identify ourselves as vs what was imposed on us as a continent. They are unafraid to penetrate unfamiliar territories and scratching underneath the surface.
The work is profound, disruptive and addresses a lot of uncomfortable questions, there is a thin line between the political and the spiritual, the feminine and the masculine, it is gentle and sharp at once. It provides us with the platform to look deep, take notice and remember who we are beyond the physical.

Kalunga System

We once again discern the faint and dangerous line between the political and the spiritual, through which Verkron proposes a psychological revolution. Identified in this exhibition is an interesting dynamic of different symbols which demonstrates in a unhindered manner Uanga (magic),  and how it contrasts with the libertarian symbols, in this case: anarchy.
The abstraction of joining Uanga with political ideals safeguarded by anarchy of masses, suggests a reclaim of elevated human values, through which the base of a revolution is conceived by mystical powers, verging towards utopia. In this way the exhibition Kalunga System appropriates fiction as a medium to express and propose ideas.
The predominant use of ritual mask, bonnets and hidden faces are used to express modern concepts of vandalism, anonymity regarding magic.
The mural with the name Street  Xinguilamento is the key element to an understanding of the exhibition: Presesent are concepts of communication between the individual and unity,
A reasoning for spirits and gods manifesting themselves with the intention of being understood, and the particularity that these entities incarnate through anarchists and vandals.
The being loses his identity by giving his body to a wiser entity to manifest through him — again we find the double meaning of this symbol used by Verkron — Only the individual who has received this entity unto his body has the power to destitute himself and look out for the greater good inside a society. In all of this these proposed concepts there is an argument for dreams and fantastic universes which offer a death proposal, but not on a pejorative sense.

life, passion, mystery and brotherhood is what I believe Verkron is proposing in this body of work.

Nkuli Mlangeni