Sandra Poulson

Lives and works between London and Luanda. 

Interdisciplinary artist, fashion practitioner and researcher. Her work discusses the political, cultural and socio-economic landscape of Angola as a case study to analyze the relationship between history, oral tradition and global political structures. Her practice utilizes family and inherited societal memory from colonial Angola and the civil war to dismantle contemporary Angola through semiotics studies of ordinary (cultural) objects such as household items as actors in political and cultural ongoing transformations. This inherently draws the questions posed by the work to the task of decoloniality.

Her body of work recurrently revisits the body as a liminal space for discussion, operating in an interdisciplinary way through mediums such as writing, photography, hyper-annotation and documentation, mixed media, collage, drawing, printmaking, performance and video. Having fashion as a form of investigation that acknowledges the artefacts in close proximity with the body, her practice heavily delves into garment making and garment misplacing. She is the winner of Mullen Lowe Nova 2020 Award with the set of works “An Angolan Archive”.

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