Masters of my Universe ? – Pamina Sebastião

2 Jun, 2022 - 7 Jul, 2022

From Tuesday to Friday. 12 pm to 7 pm

Saturday 11 am to 7 pm

“I- body-
of the time that leaves me but stays
of the time that inhabits me but forgets about another one that follows, perhaps
My body tells me journeys of dormant stories of an anticipated death
we are beings of other people’s constructions
certain tonality defended femininity defined horny with measure
didn’t you see?
the phallus?
didn’t you hear?
My speech?
my difference now also has a glowing face, its valuation supports the
machinery of the times
I create parallels to it to justify the capture of my nonexistence that continues
But it’s me?
Made me in your image?
Masters of my body’s universe? (…)

Pamina Sebastião, excerpts from the text of the only beautiful titled “The golden sea

Entitled “Just beautiful” this is my first artivist project created within a process of reflection in which I propose to think about the coloniality of power, its global impact, but more specifically how it reaches us in the context of Luanda.

“Masters of my universe?” It is the first series of collages that I have made in “Só belo mesmo” and aims to reflect the capture of the body and to those who are given the right to exist, appear and be.

This exercise is done by looking at issues of race, gender, sexuality as inscriptions made over time on what we call the body. Since the production of the body is one of the main – if not the main – tools that feed the “racist capitalist patriarchal cishetero” structure that allows the experience of some to the detriment of the non-existence of others.

“Masters of my universe?” Who wove these inscriptions? Where did they come from? How do they continue to be fed to this day? Can we eliminate them? Can we imagine new ways of existing?

Pamina Sebastião

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