“In permanent readiness for the marvelous” _ Suzanne Césaire

Verkron (since 2011) is a joining of five multidisciplinary artists: Irad, Resem, Mac, Jafeth and Hemak. Together, they form a surrealist movement experimenting and exploring Afro-surrealist and Afro-futurist thought and practice through graffiti, neo-muralism, photography, video and installation.

Verkron is mystical praxis, radical imagination and a way of life. The artists are ‘particles of a whole’, intensely immersed in experiencing collective relation, creation and creativity as one.

Their work, freespaces conjuring up pirate utopias or temporary autonomous zones, brings to light metaphysical aspects of African culture that are often left out of the dominant narratives of modern Angolan society.

For Verkron, art is a visual consequence of a profound existence, a method of learning, a means of resolving immobilizing contradictions, a way of changing how we see the world.

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